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Saturday Sixes

June 25, 2022 10am-4pm
6 vs 6 Flex Games
Tons of Fun and Scoring, Fast Paced
Mitchell Ellington Park, Merritt Island. FL

* 3 Games.  Saturday Only.  $10 per player.
Short Sticks Only. 9-12 Players Per Team.
* Proof of Valid USA Lacrosse membership and waiver required.
*8 minute quarters, each quarter begins with a faceoff.

*No offsides except Goalies who restart with a clear after each goal.
*Running clock kept on field.

Rules of Play


All rules will be in accordance with NFHS and USA Lacrosse standards unless otherwise noted.


  • Short Sticks only.

  • Faceoff at beginning of each quarter, Goalie clears after each opposing goal.

  • Playing time will consist of 8 minute running time quarters with a 5 minute halftime.

  • NO take out hits or aggressive body checks allowed.  Incidental contact only, no collisions .


  • Each team will receive a 1 minute timeout each half.  Timeouts will not carry over to the next half. 

  • The clock will stop on all whistles in the last 2 minutes of the game if the goal differential is 2 goals or less.

  • No timeouts may be called in the last 2 minutes.

  • Ties in regulation play will be decided by a 3 v 3, plus goalie Braveheart.

  • All ties in playoff games will be decided by a sudden victory overtime period. 

  • All penalties will be running time.  The penalty clock will begin when the official blows the whistle to restart play.  FHSAA rules will be enforced.

  • There will be no stick checks unless requested by the opposing coach.  If the stick is found to be legal, the challenging team will be assessed a timeout.  If no timeouts remain, a delay of game technical foul will be assessed. If the stick is not legal, the appropriate penalty will be assessed.  Sticks must meet NFHS and USA Lacrosse standards.

  • Any player, fan or coach ejected from a game will be prohibited from competing in/coaching/watching his/her team’s next game. If a player/coach/fan is ejected for a second time he/she will be disqualified from the tournament.

  • Fighting is an automatic ejection from the game.

  • Any team that forfeits a game during the tournament will be ineligible to advance to the playoffs.

  • Forfeits will be considered a 4-2 victory for the team that is prepared to play.

  • Decisions on the field will be the final ruling.  No disputes will be heard after the game, except eligibility issues.

Roster Rules


  • No player may compete, or be rostered, on more than one team during the tournament, except goalies if needed..

  • No High School graduates are eligible except in the adult division.

  • Any team in violation of the above roster rules will forfeit all games in which the ineligible player has participated and forfeit any opportunity to advance to the playoffs.



Divisional ties will be broken in the following manner and sequence:

  • Head to head play

  • Most wins

  • Goal differential

  • Coin Toss (Team coming in second in the alphabet will call) 


Thanks for submitting!

Each Team may have
9-12 players.  Fee is $10 per player.  Pay via Venmo @cradleandcrank